At Kindeva, we believe that a greener, more environmentally clean CDMO is not only possible, it’s also necessary. With the latest research showing that inhalation devices are responsible for 3% of global emissions, it’s clearer than ever that the time is now to prioritize sustainable solutions — and we’re doing just that.

We’re dedicated to decarbonizing the global inhaler market and committed to leading the transition to the next generation of propellants. Our low Global Warming Potential (GWP) formulations will be better for the environment while delivering performance patients can trust.

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Bringing green propellant products to market

We helped usher in the current generation of propellants. Now, our research is at the forefront of ensuring a more sustainable propellant future. We’re working diligently toward our goal of introducing one of the first commercial green propellant lines to the market, with plans to open for registration batches in 2024 and full commercial scale in 2025.

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Supporting healthier people
and a healthier planet

As we look to what’s next for Kindeva’s sustainability efforts, we will lead the industry’s transition to greener gasses just as we led the transition from CFC- to HFA-based inhalers in the 1990s, developing the world’s first CFC-free pMDI and the world’s first CFC-free nasal pMDI. Guided by this extensive history of innovation, we will continue to explore and create more environmentally friendly products and processes, ensuring the highest quality and alignment with evolving regulations along the way. The innate adaptability of our components and hardware combines forces with our team of industry leaders to match the performance of new, greener devices to that of current ones. And as we continue to develop more sustainable technology and processes, we evaluate the potential for each one across our suite of drug-device platforms, extending innovation without sacrificing quality or safety.

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