Kindeva is a global force in combination drug delivery and manufacturing, supporting your mission with an extensive history of innovation and technical know-how that delivers high-quality products every time. Backed by 10 manufacturing and R&D facilities and a proactive team of industry experts, we develop solutions that chart new territory while staying firmly grounded in science.

Our culture

Bringing exceptional solutions to our partners takes a unified force of innovative, inclusive people. At Kindeva, we’ve built a team of top talent who provide seamless services based on expertise, scientific acumen, close collaboration, and a deep interest in and understanding of your challenges.

We believe in clear communication, mutual respect, and the benefits of multiple points of view. Every one of our colleagues is a force for good focused on helping you make an unparalleled impact on patients worldwide.

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Vision & values

Our Vision

We will be the premier CDMO for drug delivery systems and combination product platforms. We will partner with our customers to improve patient outcomes around the world. Manufacturing more tomorrows is our mission.

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Our PRECISE Values

These are the behaviors and perspectives that define us at Kindeva. They reflect how we relate to one another as colleagues, to our customers, and to the industry at large. They are guiding points for us at every opportunity, offering PRECISE direction on Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going.

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Personal Responsibility

We are accountable. We take pride in what we do and deliver on our promises.

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We are decent. We treat everyone with dignity.

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We are motivated. We act with a sense of urgency because what we do matters to our team, to patient care, and to the world at large.

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We are transparent. We listen to our customers and engage collaboratively with our colleagues.

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We are curious. We challenge conventional thinking and bring creative ideas to the table so we can take action.

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We are committed. We help make lifesaving products, and serving our customers is our privilege.

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We are exceptional. We strive to never accept the average by focusing on doing the right thing every time.

A Vision for the Future

For over a century, we’ve shaped the drug-device combination product industry, introducing life-changing firsts that set our partners up for success and improve the daily lives of patients around the world. We remain committed to playing an essential role as innovators in the drug-device combination product space, and our groundbreaking work on pressurized metered-dose inhalers, autoinjectors, microneedle-based delivery, sustainability, and other future-forward initiatives including biologics and new molecule development, furthers this ongoing dedication to developing powerful and meaningful solutions for our partners and patients everywhere.

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Who we are & who we serve

Kindeva Drug Delivery is a comprehensive CDMO partner that brings foundational, verifiable, unparalleled expertise to all your drug-device combination product needs.

We will navigate every detail — from design to quality to regulatory requirements and more — to put your crucial product into patients’ hands safely, sooner.

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Let us dedicate our expertise and full scope of global CDMO capabilities to making your next drug-device combination product a resounding success.

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