Kindeva brings more than half a century of expertise in successfully integrating adhesive, drug, and delivery components into a single product. We’re continuously innovating and evolving to meet our clients’ needs.

Transdermal capabilities & innovation

From a bedrock of technical, regulatory, and commercial success, Kindeva Drug Delivery offers full-service CDMO capabilities in both mono and combination transdermal product therapies. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have resulted in new ways to work with transdermal science, keeping our clients’ products at the forefront of the industry. 

Ask us about
  • Single-layer drug-in adhesive patches 
  • Multi-layer drug-in adhesive patches 
  • Active gel patch formulation (applied as a gel, dries to discreet waterproof film) 
  • Customizable patch design and geometries 
  • Medical- and pharmaceutical-grade coatings 
  • Topical tapes 
  • Microneedle-based intradermal patches for delivery of solids and liquids 
Kindeva lab tech working with equipment

Looking for microneedle array patch capabilities?

Call on Kindeva for all your transdermal development and manufacturing needs — from small batch to commercial volumes.

Our GMP facilities remain audit ready so our clients can always rely on us for robust quality management processes and manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Automated coating lines 
  • High-efficiency converting technology 
  • Packaging, cartoning, and serialization capabilities
  • Finished and intermediate product configurations 
  • Handling of controlled substances 

Analytical and testing expertise 

Support your transdermal product’s compliance and quality through every stage of development and manufacturing through our analytical and testing services. We provide insight into product purity and characterization, use, and stability/storage, ensuring reliability and safety.

Why choose Kindeva for your transdermal drug-delivery needs? 

When speed to market is a priority, Kindeva delivers the responsive, flexible, and collaborative approach you need to meet your timeline goals. With approval achievement of more than seven products, a broad spectrum of skin permeation and adhesion experience, safety testing, custom-built high-throughput screening technologies, commercial scale capabilities, and global reach, we make high-quality, safe, compliant transdermal product development possible. 

We’re always evolving at Kindeva, including innovations such as skin permeation enhancing peptides, new skin-friendly adhesives, and highly conformable film-forming transdermal gels. From creating the first drug-in adhesive patch in 1970 to the impactful innovations we’re driving forward today, our analytical acumen, materials expertise, regulatory experience, and industry relationships ensure an optimized transdermal product journey from start to finish. 

Kindeva lab tech working with materials

Ready for dynamic transdermal product development? 

Bring your transdermal product to patients around the world with a proven partner ready to minimize your risk and maximize your confidence.

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