Respiratory biologics is an emerging area in pharmaceutical development, accounting for approximately 10% of biologics currently in the pipeline. These innovative treatments offer significant benefits across various therapeutic areas. Gain deeper insights into the development of inhaled biologics with this comprehensive presentation by experts from Kindeva Drug Delivery, Aerogen Pharma, and Cystetic Medicines. 

Highlights include:

  • Influences of dose/regimen, physical/chemical properties, and patient/commercial needs on technology during development 
  • The role of respiratory biologics in advancing vaccine development 
  • How inhaled biologics compare to injected biologics 
  • Important considerations and advantages in the development of both wet and dry formulations 

John Patton
Head Kindeva SAB 
Kindeva Drug Delivery 

Keith Ung 
Director and Bay Area Site Head 
Kindeva Drug Delivery 

Andy Clark 
President and General Manager 
Aerogen Pharma Corporation 

Jeff Weers 
Chief Technology Officer 
Cystetic Medicines, Inc.  

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