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Sterile Injectable Fill-finish Capacity

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Kindeva is a global force in drug delivery, offering innovative, comprehensive contract development and manufacturing solutions for partners around the world. From ideation through commercialization, our in-house industry expertise and cutting-edge platform technologies enable flexibility and capabilities you won’t find anywhere else.

The Future of Aseptic Injectable Fill-Finish

Our facility in Bridgeton, MO, allows you to meet surging injectable demand with a 100M+ unit/year capacity, Annex 1 compliance with every line, and unmatched automation. We combine sterile fill, device manufacture, and final assembly in one geographic location, accelerating your timelines and simplifying your supply chain.

The therapies you create are a force for good. Kindeva is here to help you bring them into the world.

Are you ready to combine forces?

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We bring unparalleled know-how to the device-agnostic development of high-quality drug-device combination products across a wide range of platforms for pulmonary & nasal, injectable, and transdermal therapies.

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~ 1300 Patents

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~ 100 M Commercial Devices
Shipped Annually

10 Manufacturing and
R&D Facilities

100 + Years of Experience

~ 1 M ft2 cGMP Footprint

2000 + Employees

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We minimize risks and accelerate timelines by expertly handling everything in-house, all with one ultimate goal: to constantly redefine highest quality with each product we bring to the world. Manufacture more tomorrows for patients alongside us through our new molecule and biologic drug development, comprehensive analytical services, leading sustainability initiatives, and global health security initiatives.

Our Legacy of Innovation

An unrivaled foundation for manufacturing more tomorrows

Since 1956, Kindeva Drug Delivery has actively reshaped the drug-device combination product landscape through a series of unparalleled firsts that established a solid foundation for expanding the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

1956 Invented the pressurized metered‑dose inhaler (pMDI)

Kick-started the evolution of inhaled therapies by developing an easy-to-use device for patients around the globe.

1959 Invented the emergency use autoinjector

Laid the groundwork for the ongoing refinement of self-administered injectables currently in use by millions of people worldwide.

1970 Invented the drug-in adhesive patch

Provided a noninvasive method for delivering a drug over an extended period of time.

1970 Invented the ComboPen® platform

Created to deliver medical countermeasures in the field, this platform informed autoinjector innovations for anaphylaxis.

1989 Invented the breath-actuated inhaler

Offered a lifesaving option for individuals with hand-breath coordination problems that make traditional inhalers difficult to use.

1995 Invented the CFC-free MDI

Set the standard for future care options developed to help safeguard the environment.

2002 Invented the BinaJect® platform

Brought an industry-leading dual-chamber autoinjector option to market that enhanced stability and bioavailability.

2005 Solid microneedle array patch development

Leading the charge creating accurate, reliable intradermal delivery with the potential to eliminate cold-chain storage and enhance immunogenicity and efficacy.

2009 Invented the TruJect™ platform

Introduced the next generation of easy and reliable single-chamber autoinjectors, widely used to deliver a variety of medications.

2010 Developed the first commercially available dose counter

Ensured patients knew the number of inhaler actuations remaining so they could always be prepared.

2012 Invented the CFC-free nasal MDI

Crafted a more environmentally sound device for drug delivery capable of bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

2024 Developing low-GWP inhalers

Planned opening of one of the first commercial scale green propellant lines for filling inhalers using propellants with up to 99.9% lower Global Warming Potential than current options.

Continuous Innovation

Kindeva has fueled the advancement of the drug-device combination product industry from the start, and we use this expansive know-how to bring better products to market for our partners and their patients every day.

Your product is a force for good. Our expertise brings it into the world.

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