Move your biologic drug development along the investigational pathway backed by Kindeva’s expansive expertise.

We know that there are two main factors in achieving results for your biologics, and we’re dedicated to making sure you meet both: 



Our longevity in the industry has provided the resources and knowledge to take you further, faster when developing an inhaled drug-device combination product. Whether you need an off-the-shelf device for a fast Phase I solution or access to our extensive understanding of FDA biologics regulations in any phase of development, our global CDMO delivers results that accelerate your journey from feasibility concept to first-in-human (FIH) and beyond.



Do it right the first time. From developing the right formulation to final delivery configuration, Kindeva provides high-quality biologics services you can rely on. And with a complete lineup of in-house capabilities, every step lives up to our standards. We actively work to minimize risk for your clinical program from lab bench to clinical scale and in vitro to in vivo, keeping errors from popping up and timelines from stretching out. 

Building better biologics

Our hands-on experience in inhaled biologics spans complex therapeutic treatments from local to deep lung (systemic) delivery — including lung fibrosis, asthma/COPD, cardiovascular, and cystic fibrosis — and encompasses a wealth of expertise in developing solutions that address insulin needs, cold chain requirements, and more.  

Plus, with our innovative technology platforms for pulmonary & nasal, injectables, and transdermal therapies, there is a right fit device waiting for your biologic. Whether proteins, peptides, recombinant antibodies, vaccines, or small molecules, we listen to what you need and answer with innovation.

Kindeva lab tech in a lab

Kindeva Drug Delivery has state-of-the-art technologies for developing inhaled combination product evaluation, formulation development, drug product manufacturing, and device development testing, as well as engineering for process development and scale-up from feasibility to FIH clinical trials and through commercialization. Our one-stop shop keeps your drug-device biologics on schedule.  

Part of our process is staying device-agnostic, so when the time is right to determine the delivery method, we find the correct choice for your specific needs. Whether utilizing one of our platforms, customizing your own, or leveraging a third-party option, you can rely on our experience in nebulizers, dry powders, pMDIs, injectables, microneedle technologies, and other drug delivery formats. Your therapy is a force for good. Our expertise brings it into the world.

Combine Forces With Kindeva