March 11, 2022 – Medigen, Inc’s Dr. Irina Tretyakova and Dr. Peter Pushko in collaboration with Dr. John Vasilakos (Kindeva) and Dr. Tomai (3M) have published the manuscript titled Live-Attenuated VEEV Vaccine Delivered by iDNA using Microneedles is Immunogenic in Rabbits in Frontiers in Tropical Diseases, 2 Mar 2022.

The authors demonstrate induction of neutralizing antibody in rabbits vaccinated with a novel naked DNA vaccine that encodes live-attenuated Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV). High titers of neutralizing antibodies to VEEV were detected following a single intradermal administration of Medigen’s VEEV vaccine with Kindeva’s hollow microneedle device.

The findings highlight the vaccine potential of naked DNA administered intradermally without the need for electroporation.  Thus, combination of iDNA vaccine and hollow microneedle device improves vaccination with live-attenuated vaccines by providing simple, single-dose immunization.

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About Medigen, Inc.
Medigen is an independent prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine company founded in 2004.   The company is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland.  Medigen develops vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.  Medigen vaccines are based on unique, proprietary technologies designed to elicit safe, natural immune responses for efficient, long-term immunity.  Proprietary vaccine technologies include VLPs, RNA vectors, iDNA, and reassortant virus.

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