Kindeva Drug Delivery presented cutting-edge advancements in pulmonary & nasal development and manufacturing at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) conference on December 6-8, 2023. Across eight posters and podium presentations, we highlighted strategies for switching to green propellant formulations while preserving product performance, among a variety of other topics.  

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In Silico Modelling to Aid Product Development Strategy for Low Global Warming Potential MDIs — Neha Patel, Alex Richford  

Understanding Fundamental Formulation Properties to Demonstrate the Feasibility of Reformulating a Salbutamol pMDI Containing the Low-GWP Propellant HFO1234ze(E) Alex Slowey, Ben Myatt, Phil Cocks  

Development and Optimisation of a Particle Sizing Methodology for Early Screening of DPI Carrier Based Formulations using Laser Diffraction — James McNeill, Jim Clay, Olivia Brittan  

The Effect of Elastomer Type on Stem-Diaphragm Leakage from pMDIs filled with Propellant 152a Howard Bleazard, Lee Hodges  

Spray Pattern and Plume Geometry Measurements of Current and Low-GWP Propellants HFA152a and HFO1234ze(E) pMDIs With and Without Ethanol Holly Dowdle, Ben Myatt  

A Novel Mathematical Model to Predict the Particle Size Distribution of pMDI Aerosols Hossain Chizari, H.K. Versteeg, W. Malalasekra, B. Gavtash   

Podium Presentations

A Multi-Physics Theoretical and CFD Approach, To Predict Low-GWP pMDI Spray Characteristics, Inside USP-IP Geometry — Hossain Chizari, Barzin Gavtash  

Do In Vitro Dissolution Rates Differ Between Drug Particles Generated From Solution-Based pMDIs Formulated With HFA134a, HFA152a and HFO1234ze(E) Propellants? Hui Xin Ong​, Nirmal Marasini, Lingzhe Rao, Daniel Duke, Damon Honnery, Stephen W. Stein, Benjamin Myatt, Phil Cocks & Paul Young  

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