Benjamin Myatt

Benjamin Myatt

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Daniel Duke

Daniel Duke

Senior Lecturer, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

In response to growing concerns about sustainability, switching to more environmentally friendly pMDI propellants has become a high priority for the pharmaceutical industry. Since inhalation devices contribute 3% of global emissions, this is an important step. In addition to being a part of a greener future, transitioning to a low GWP propellant now positions companies as leaders in sustainability and innovation and aligns products with current and evolving regulations and standards.  

However, while this transition to the next generation of propellants creates more sustainable products, it is essential to ensure performance is not diminished as a result. New low GWP candidate propellants have different physicochemical and thermodynamic properties compared to current options. As a result, simply switching to a green propellant without any other adjustments to an existing formulation is not feasible. Understanding the impact of propellent property differences on pMDI performance is crucial to enable development of reformulated or new pMDI products employing low GWP propellant gasses while ensuring these products continue to perform effectively and safely for the patients who rely on them.  

During this webinar, participants can expect comprehensive coverage of critical topics surrounding green pMDI propellant properties. The session will delve into the distinctions between low GWP propellants, emphasizing their far-reaching implications for droplet production and overall product performance. The webinar will showcase a diverse array of investigations, incorporating innovative techniques such as high-speed imaging and X-ray diagnostics, alongside pharmacopeial performance experiments. These methodologies have been thoughtfully employed to explore the significant impacts associated with transitioning propellants in pMDI products. Attendees will receive information to assist them in tuning the performance of low GWP propellants effectively.  

If you missed our webinar, fill out the form to watch the recording and explore key issues related to spray formation and product development for MDI using green propellants.

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