Kindeva Supplier Responsibility Code

October 19, 2021 v 1.0



The Kindeva Supplier Responsibility Code sets out the standards Kindeva expects from its suppliers in the areas of environmental, health and safety, transportation and labour/human resources. This Code applies to the selection and retention of all suppliers that provide goods or services to Kindeva world-side, including raw material suppliers, semi-finished or finished goods, contractors, contract manufacturers and service providers. While Kindeva recognises that there are different legal and cultural environments in which suppliers operate, this Code establishes a framework that Kindeva considers important to the management of manufacturing and distribution operations to minimise adverse impact to the environment, to a healthy and safe workplace and to the maintenance of fair and reasonable labour practices.



In addition to full compliance with all applicable labour and human resource laws, we expect our suppliers to be committed to upholding the human rights of workers and treating them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community. This applies to all workers including temporary, migrant, student, contract, direct employees, and any other type of worker.

  • Freely Chosen Employment.
  • Comply with applicable laws with regard to minimum age for employees.
  • Ensure working hours do not exceed the maximum set out by local laws.
  • Wages and Benefits shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including minimum wage.
  • Humane Treatment of all employees with relevant policies in place to prevent.
  • Companies shall not engage in discrimination based on race, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, covered veteran status, protected genetic information or marital status in hiring and employment practices such as wages, promotions, rewards, access to training, reduction in workforce or terminations.
  • Freedom of Association to form or join any trade union body.


Health and Safety

In addition to full compliance with all applicable health and safety laws, we expect our suppliers to minimize the incidence of accidental work-related injury, death and illness, and foster a safe and healthy work environment. Suppliers should utilize ongoing worker input and education as essential opportunities to identify and solve health and safety issues in the workplace.

  • Ensuring Occupational Safety and safe working practices.
  • Identifying and implementing emergency preparedness.
  • Have procedures in place to prevent occupational injury and illness.
  • Industrial Hygiene standards adhered to.
  • Evaluations in place to determine physically demanding work is identified, evaluated and controlled.
  • Physical guards and safe working practices in place and maintained where machinery presents a hazard to workers.
  • Employees provided with suitable Sanitation, Food, and Housing where required.
  • Health and Safety Communication and training in place for all employees and visitors.



In addition to full compliance with all applicable environmental laws, we expect our suppliers to integrate environmental responsibility into their operations. Suppliers should work to minimize adverse effects on the community, environment and natural resources, while safeguarding the health and safety of workers and the public.

  • All necessary environmental permits and approvals are in place and maintained
  • Materials that are hazardous to the environment are labelled, managed, and disposed of in line with local laws
  • Supplier shall responsibly dispose of or recycle solid waste
  • Air emissions are regularly monitored , controlled, and treated prior to discharge
  • Suppliers are to adhere to all applicable laws regarding prohibition or restriction of specific substances in products and manufacturing, including labelling for recycling and disposal
  • Supplier shall implement a water program management system
  • Energy consumption should be monitored. Reduction of energy initiatives should be implemented to minimise environmental impacts
  • Suppliers are expected to comply with relevant local laws on transport goods (including hazardous)



In addition to full compliance with all applicable business ethics laws, to meet social responsibilities and to achieve success in the marketplace, our suppliers and their agents are to uphold the highest standards of ethics.

  • Highest standards of integrity are to be upheld in all interactions
  • Supplier shall adhere to all applicable anti-bribery laws
  • Supplier should not provide any employee with Gifts and Entertainment that might influence or appear to influence a decision in their favour
  • Supplier shall not enter in to any agreement where there is a conflict of interest with supply of goods
  • All business dealings will be transparent
  • Supplier shall respect any applicable IP
  • Standards of fair business, advertising, and competition are to be upheld
  • Supplier shall have systems in place to address employee concerns and grievances
  • Supplier shall protect private and personal data
  • Supplier shall actively collaborate with Kindeva in constructive and respectful meetings with the overall aim of improving the lives of patients.



Suppliers are expected to adopt or establish a management system covering the elements of this Code. The management system shall be designed to ensure:

  1. compliance with applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements;
  2. conformance with this Code;
  3. identification and mitigation of risks related to this Code.

The management system should contain the following elements:

  • Corporate, Social, and Environmental Responsibility
  • Management accountability and responsibility
  • Legal and Customer requirements
  • Risk assessment and management (including Audits)
  • Improvement objectives
  • Training, documentation and record management
  • Communication plans
  • Corrective Action Preventative Action

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